Voices of Law Enforcement and the Justice System

Making a complaint to the police - one way to move forward
Investigators for the Sûreté du Québec remind victims of crime of the support available to help them navigate the criminal justice system.
Victim Services – "Trauma K9"
Meet Caber, Canada's first "Trauma K9" working in a victim services setting. With Delta Police's Victim Services Coordinator Kim Gramlich close at hand, Caber is deployed to respond to victims and witnesses of crime in a variety of settings. In his 2.5 years on the job, Caber has helped more than 500 victims.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Photo Essay
The National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains (NCMPUR) is a service that assists investigative agencies in finding missing persons and identifying human remains. Join us to meet the NCMPUR team and learn more about the work they do.
Anita Stanley: Provincial services for victims of crime in Newfoundland and Labrador
A video interview with Anita Stanley, the Provincial Manager of the Victim Services Program for the Department of Justice within the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. Anita describes how the province provides support to victims of crime and helps them move forward.
Turtles and Watches
Susheel Gupta's mother, Ramwati Gupta, was a victim of the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182. He talks of his struggle to understand the loss led to his decision to be a prosecutor.
Angel on my Shoulder
After Mary Anne Kinnell's daughter was the victim of sexual abuse, her family received support from the Calgary Police Service Victim Assistance Unit. Read about how she became a volunteer for the unit and launched the court support program.
Building Trust
Kadla Tagak is proud to be able to share what it was like working as a Crown Witness Co-ordinator in Nunuvat, and how her work made a difference.
Visible, Compassionate, Proactive
As a Victim Assistance Program Coordinator in Northwest Territories, Jared Zeldin reminds other providers of victim assistance that they have a unique position within communities
Channelling Love and Grief
As a volunteer at her Victims' Assistance Unit, Mary Davidson feels honoured to be invited into someone's life during their darkest hours to offer solace and comfort. Read what she has learned and experienced during her time as a volunteer.
Picturing Forgiveness
Flora Ryder with the National Parole Board talks about how sometimes the unexpected can happen, as she recounts how a women whose sister was murdered was able to forgive the offender after attending a parole board hearing.
A Crown Prosecutor
As a crown prosecutor, Valerie Campbell has seen how the court system is challenged with capturing the extent of domestic violence over the course of a relationship. Her story includes suggestions on how to remedy the challenges.
Changing Things for the Better
Heidi-Ann Wild is a victim services worker in Yellowknife. Her work makes her keenly aware that tragedy can happen to anyone and how important a support system is for both men and women.
A Borderless Crime
As part of the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre, Heather Harding-Legault is tasked investigating child sexual abuse. Her work is both difficult, given how borderless the internet is, and rewarding, as she helps children become survivors.
Truth, Courage, Honour and Healing
As a Victims Services Officer in the Nova Scotia Department of Justice, Connie Gould worked closely with Aboriginal victims of crime. Read her positive experience about honouring her clients with medals designed by a local Mi'kmaq artist.