Voices of Family Members

We all have a role
After the murder of her father when she was a child, Lisa Phommarath learned that we all have a responsibility to find a role to be part of a bigger solution.
Mother's Role: Candace House
After the murder of her daughter almost thirty years ago, a mother had to discover a new role for herself. The journey led to the creation of Candace House, a safe place for victims to sit together and care for each other.
A Mother's Story
Shelley Marshall's son was murdered in 2001. Her Victim Impact Statement described for the court the pain that a mother experiences when their child is murdered.
A wish for positive change
A victim expresses gratitude for the comfort and support she and her children received after her husband died after a violent assault.
Choosing To Be a Survivor
Lynn Gallant-Blackburn reveals how she chose to be a survivor so that she could be the voice, not only for her sister, but for all women who are victimized by violence.
Stepping Outside the Box
After the murder of his daughter, Arthur Lepp's family suffered through enormous upheaval. He recommends that victim service agencies can provide better support for crime victims by looking beyond the court process.
A Family Tragedy
Russell 'Chickie' John's sisters share how the family adjusted after a shooting which left their brother permanently paralyzed.
Parents of a Victim of Impaired Driving
A mother who lost her daughter to an impaired driver expresses her gratitude for the support given to her family by the Court Support Program.
Court Support Program
After Mary Anne Kinnell's daughter was the victim of sexual abuse, her family received support from the Calgary Police Service Victim Assistance Unit. Read about how she became a volunteer for the unit and launched the court support program.
Presenting Statements during a Parole Hearing
The Chaboyer/Modi family attended the parole board hearing for the offender who murdered their family member, Leonard Charles "Chuck" Skwarok. In attending the hearing and giving their statements, the family felt stronger and were able to let go of the pain of the loss of a loved one.
After the Trial
A father describes the difficulties in the aftermath of his daughter's murder in 2000. He feels let down by the system and is struggling to cope with the lack of assistance.
A Source of Comfort
Lyla Cowan's son was murdered in 1999. Her family forged a bond with her Victim Services contact, Maxine, whom they refer to as an angel.
Sisters in Spirit family
Aileen Joseph's family struggled greatly after the murder of her youngest daughter, Shelley. Read her story, and learn why she is thankful for her Sisters in Spirit family.
Healing Begins With a Single Step
Bridget Tolley's mother was struck and killed by a police cruiser in 2001. Her story includes recommendations for how victim services can be improved for Aboriginal victims.