Providing Services to Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

The Men's Project

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Who We Are & What We Do

Rick Goodwin,
MSW RSW Executive Director

180 Argyle Ave., Suite 321,
Ottawa ON K2P 1B7
Phone: (613) 230-6179 Fax: (613) 230-6173

From Our Mission Statement:.

We strive to support men, in a process of change, with structure and integrity. We provide mental health services to men and their families...

...We provide innovative counselling and educational services through a male-centred approach that honours and respects the experiences of men.

Key Information about TMP

  • Established in 1997
  • Incorporated charitable organization
  • Voluntary Board of Directors
  • Staffing Composition:
    • Executive Director,
    • Intake Services Coordinator,
    • Clinical Supervisor,
    • Clinical Associates (6),
    • Contract Therapists (6),
    • Administrator/Project Manager
  • An active Intern Program

Clinical Services:

Men & Healing Program for Male Survivors:

  • Ottawa (7) (Ministry of the Attorney General)
  • Concurrent Disorder Program (CMHA sponsored)

Individual, Couple & Family Therapy:

  • Ottawa: Fee for Service, Extended Insurance, Purchase of Service CICB, FNIHB, DND, City of Ottawa, and others.

Group Therapy Programs:

  • Anger Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Fathering Program

Services for Male Survivors

funded by Ministry of the Attorney General

Assessment Interview:

Men & Healing Phase I Program:

  • psycho-educational curriculum-based support (8 weeks)

Men & Healing Phase II Program:

  • Insight-oriented trauma-centred therapy (repeating cycles of 10 weeks to a maximum of 5 cycles).
  • Ottawa (6) Nepean (1).

Men & Healing Phase III:

  • Self-guided therapeutic engagement with the broader community.

Responding to the Needs...

  • the only sexual abuse treatment program for men in Ontario (funded by Ministry of the Attorney General).
  • Managed the First Provincial Conference on Male Sexual Victimization (Men of Courage, Toronto, 2008).
  • Had official standing in the Cornwall Public Inquiry.
  • Operates a Canada-wide training service for issues of concern to men and their families (USA training collaboration set for Fall, 2010).
  • Winner of the Attorney General's Victim Services Award of Distinction for Service Innovation (2007).
  • Guidebook on Services for male survivors commissioned by the Cornwall Public Inquiry (2009).

Reflections on the Cornwall Public Inquiry

CPI - Final Report
Quotes re: Victim Services

  • "When faced with allegations of historical abuse, institutions were ill equipped. They did not understand the serious impact of abuse, or about responses typical of boys and young men."
  • "Lack of training, particularly in the area of historical abuse and abuse of boys and young men, hampered even well-intentioned individuals."
  • "There must be an end to the perception that survivors of abuse are "irritants". In particular, the needs of male victims must be addressed."
  • "It is my view that a strategic plan must be put in place for services for men in Ontario who have suffered abuse. I have made clear the considerations that must go into such a plan - it is not just what is the cheapest delivery system."
  • "Ontario needs more than piecemeal responses. Men need integrated and coherent plans for services [for victims] and a way of tracking and measuring implementation and effectiveness of services. Right now, there is no integrated plan."
  • "Organizations with expertise in serving male survivors need to be sustained to give the know-how and advice that could result in an effective strategic plan for the future."
  • "This inquiry has raised awareness of the reality and impact of male sexual victimization. Your sons, brothers, fathers and male friends deserve better."

TMP Recommendations & CPI Response

  • Proposed: "province wide specialized victim treatment service centres for male survivors of sexual abuse/assault" be established.
  • Response: "strategic direction and implementation."
  • Proposed: "A province wide training program so that [male survivors] best can be best serviced by existing helping professionals."
  • Response: yes, within different Ministries.
  • Proposed: "Province wide public education campaign"
  • Response: Yes, recognized as a need.
  • Proposed: Provincial demonstration project be undertake and to provide services to "victim/perpetrators"
  • Response: TMP should be one of five provincial demonstration sites.

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